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A Bibliography of Forgotten Statewide Collections and Indexes-North Carolina Titles

Time Frame Covered Title of Collection or Index URL or Family History Library Call #
Bible Records
1700-1936 Martin, Ruth. North Carolina Bible Records. FHL book 975.6 D2mr vols. 1- fiche 6049149-6
1700-1972 Spence, Wilma C. North Carolina Bible Records Dating from the Early Eighteenth Century to the Present Day; Including Genealogical Notes and Letters Found in Some Bibles. FHL book 975.6 D2sw; fiche 6087228
1700-1960s Lester, Memory Aldridge. Bible Records from the Southern States. FHL book 975 D28L, 7 vols.; films beginning with 896773
1600-1990 Powell, William S. Dictionary of North Carolina Biography. Alphabetical. FHL book 975.6 D36d, 6 vols
1620-1982 Hamby, Robert P. Brief Baptist Biographies 1707-82.The Family History Library only has vol. 2. FHL book 975.6 K2h
1600-1916 Ashe, Samuel A’Court. Biographical History of North Carolina From Colonial Times to the Present; General Index. FHL book 975.6 D3a, 8 vols.; films beginning with 1421670 item 9. Vol. 10 has index.
Also online at under same title.
Cemetery Records
1670-1939 Pre-1914 Cemetery Inscription Card Index. Has a section for 1914 to 1939 also. FHL films 882944-64 & 882942-3
Alternate Title: Historical Records Survey of Cemetery Listings, One of the North Carolina Digital Collections. Go to: then select Cemetery Records on right side screen.
1700-1930s Welborn, Mrs. John Scott. North Carolina Tombstone Records. FHL films 018068-9
1700-1970 McEachern, Leora Hiatt. Gravestone Records. FHL book 975.6 V3m; fiche 6017876
Census Records
1770-1851 Siler, David W. The Eastern Cherokees, a census of the Cherokee Nation in North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia in 1851. This census was taken 1851. FHL book 970.3 C424sd
1700-1787 Register, Alvaretta K. State Census of North Carolina, 1784-87: From Records in the North Carolina Department of Archives and History. FHL book 975.6 X2r 1784-87; film 897274 item 2
Also available on under the title of “North Carolina, State Census, 1784-1787”
Family Histories
1600-1971 Genealogical Family Histories Located in the North Carolina Library. Alphabetical. FHL films 901495-0 and 913436-9
1700-1860 Heinegg, Paul. Free African Americans of North Carolina: Including the Family Histories of More Than 80% of Those Counted as Other Free Persons- in the 1790 and 1800 census. FHL book 975.6 F2hp; fiche 6103884
Genealogies & Genealogical Collections
1600-1950s McCubbins, Mamie. McCubbins Collection Alphabetical; mostly Western North Carolina. FHL films 19828-3
1600-1992 Small, Frances. Family Tree Charts of Carolinas Genealogical Society. Lists researchers and their ancestors. FHL book 975.6 D2sf.
1600-1790 The Colonial Records of North Carolina published. . . by the Order of the General Assembly. Includes volumes on the state for the period 1776-90. Vols. 27, 28, 29 are an index, A to Z, to the series. FHL book 975.6 N2n, 30 vols.; films beginning with 874153; fiche 6078231
1600-1970 Daughters of the American Revolution. Genealogical Collection.[North Carolina] Each volume is usually indexed; for surname index see above. On 54 FHL films beginning with 860336
Alternate Title: Daughters of the American Revolution Website
1600-1799 Jackson, Ronald V. Early North Carolina. Has names gathered from tax lists and other sources. FHL book 973 D2jeno; several volumes
1600-1900 Ray, Worth S., Old Albemarle and Its Absentee Landlords. For Northeastern North Carolina. FHL book 975.6 D2r pt. 4, 1968; film 1033558 item 6; fiche 6051148
1670-1800 Eaker, Lorena Shell. German Speaking People West of the Catawba River in North Carolina 1750-00; and Some Emigres Participation in Early Settlement of Southeastern Missouri. FHL book 975.6 W2e
1600-1754 Parker, Mattie Edwards. North Carolina Charters and Constitutions 1578-98. Higher court records, well indexed. FHL book 975.6 N2c, 8 vols.
Land Records
1600-1729 Hofmann, Margaret M. Province of North Carolina 1663-29: Abstracts of Land Patents. An every name index; gives locations and neighbors. FHL book 975.6 R2hp
1670-1775 Hoffman, Margaret M. Colony of North Carolina Abstracts of Land Patents. See Hoffman book above for earlier patents. FHL book 975.6 R2hm, 2 vols.
1670-1774 Clark, Murtle June. Colonial Soldiers of the South, 1732-74. FHL book 975 M29c
Also available at under the same title.
1700-1787 Daughters of the American Revolution (North Carolina). Roster of Soldiers from North Carolina in the American Revolution: With an Appendix Containing a Collection of Miscellaneous Records. FHL book 975.6 M2d 1977; film 1036687 item 4; fiche 6046553;
Also available at under the same title.
1700-1951 Lineage Book of Past and Present Members of the North Carolina Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. FHL book 975.6 D2L; film 897212 item 4
1700-1781 Clark, Murtle June. Loyalists in the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War. FHL book 973 F2cm
Also available at WorldVitalRecords:
Also available at Go to: then select Search-Card Catalog and search by title.
1740-1815 Toler, Maurice S., Muster Rolls of the Soldiers of the War of 1812 Detached from the Militia of North Carolina in 1812 and 1814. FHL book 975.6 M2mr; film 1036618 item 6.
Also available at under same title.
1800-1934 United States. Veterans Administration. General Index to Pension Files, 1861-34. This is a card index to pension applications of Civil War and Spanish-American War veterans; copies of the original files may be ordered from the National Archives. On 544 FHL films beginning with 540757, online
1800-1890 Almasy, Sandra L. North Carolina, 1890, Civil War Veterans Census. FHL book 975.6 M2a
Alternate Title: Database-1890 Veterans Schedules
1800-1865 Manarin, Louis H. North Carolina Troops, 1861-65: A Roster. Lists Confederate soldiers. FHL book 975.6 M2nc vols. 1-; film 1697997 item 3; fiche 6088179
1800-1865 United States. Adjutant General’s Office. Index to Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers Who Served in Organizations from the State of North Carolina. The compiled records are also on film. FHL films 821768-0
Companion Title: United States, Civil War Soldiers Index
1800-1953 North Carolina. State Auditor. Applications for Confederate Soldiers’ and Widow’s Pensions, 1885-ca.1953.The records are alphabetical. On 105 FHL films beginning with 175779, online
1840-1898 Roster of North Carolina Volunteers in the Spanish American War 1898-99. Compiled under the direction of Adjutant General’s Office. FHL film 018079 item 2;online
1873-1918 United States Selective Service System. North Carolina, World War I Selective Service System Draft Registration Cards, 1917-18.Men ages 18 to 45 are listed alphabetically by county or draft board. On 81 FHL films beginning with 1765557
Alternate Title: United States, World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
1700-1799 Fouts, Raymond. Abstracts from the State Gazette of North Carolina. FHL book 975.6 B3fr, 3 vols.
1600-1993 North Carolina Queries. There are indexes at the back of most volumes. FHL book 975.6 D25nc, 12 vols.; fiche 6126285
1600-1960s Smallwood, Marilu Burch. Some Colonial and Revolutionary Families of North Carolina. FHL book 975.6 D2s, 3 vols.
1600-1981 Index of North Carolina Ancestors. Gives names and addresses of persons researching particular ancestors. FHL book 975.6 D2i, 2. vols
1600-1830s Hamrick, David O., Index to the North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register: Hathway’s Register. This is an every name index with about 121,000 names. FHL book 975.6 D25n index 1983, 3 vols.
Also available at under same title
1600-1975 Johnson, William P., Journal of North Carolina Genealogy. A periodical; indexed at the end of each volume. FHL book 975.6 B2j
1600-Present Warren, Mary B. The Carolina Genealogist. A periodical; see annual indexes. FHL book 975 B2cg
1600-1973 The North Carolina Historical Review. A periodical; see indexes for 1924-73, 1974-83 and annual indexes. FHL book 975.6 B2h
1600-Present North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal. See the annual indexes. FHL book 975.6 B2s
1600-1988 The Quarterly Review of the Eastern North Carolina Genealogical Society. A periodical. FHL book 975.6 B2e; on fiche beginning with 6050630
1600-Present Bulletin of the Genealogical Society of Old Tryon County. A periodical for the Western part of North Carolina. FHL book 975.6 D25b; on fiche beginning with 605030
Probate Records
1600-1760 Grimes, John Bryan. Abstracts of North Carolina Wills, Compiled from Original and Recorded Wills in the Office of the Secretary of State. FHL book 975.6 P2gr 1967; fiche 6046876;
Also available at Google Books under same title. Then search by title.
1600-1900 Mitchell, Thornton W. North Carolina Wills: A Testator Index, 1665-00. FHL book 975.6 P22t 1992
1680-1773 Grimes, John Bryan. North Carolina Wills and Inventories Copied from Original and Recorded Wills and Inventories in the Office of the Secretary of State. Wills 1733-73. FHL book 975.6 P2g; film 459632; fiche 6051125
Also available on and WorldVitalRecords
1680-1800 Olds, Fred A. An Abstract of North Carolina Wills from about 1760 to 1800. FHL film 496782 item 3 Can be accessed on a computer at FHL or a FHC.
Reference Books
1600-1966 Draughon, Wallace R. and Wm. Perry Johnson. North Carolina Genealogical Reference Research Guide For All Genealogists, Both Amateur and Professional. Pages 68 to 94 have a list of published genealogies up to the year 1966. FHL book 975.6 D2dr, 1966; online
1600-1790 Ratcliff, Clarence E. North Carolina Taxpayers 1679-90. FHL book 975.6 R4r also viewable online at the FHL and FHC. Use link below to access it.
Alternate Title: Database: North Carolina Taxpayers, 1679-1790. Vol. 2
Vital Records
1660-1968 North Carolina Division of Archives and History. An Index to Marriage Bonds filed in the North Carolina State Archives. On 88 FHL fiche beginning with 6330241
Also available at under the title: North Carolina, Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
1660-1800 Dodd, Jordan R., editor. North Carolina Marriages Early to 1800. Provides names of husband, wife, date, and county. FHL book 975.6 V2nc
1660-1840 Clemens, William M., North and South Carolina Marriage Records from the Earliest Colonial Days to the Civil War. FHL book 975 V28c
1670-1798 Fouts, Raymond. Abstracts from the North Carolina Gazette of New Bern, North Carolina. For Eastern North Carolina. FHL book 975.6192/N1 B3f
1670-1816 Fouts, Raymond. Abstracts from Newspapers of Wilmington, North Carolina. For Southeast North Carolina. FHL book 975.627/W1 B3f
1700-1867 & 1800-1893 Broughton, Carrie. Marriage and Death Notices in Raleigh Register and North Carolina State Gazette. Notices that appeared from 1799 to 1867. FHL book 975.6 V2b, vols. 1- film 873831 item 2
Also available at under title: Marriage and Death Notices from Raleigh Register and North Carolina State Gazette, 1799-1825.
Broughton, Carrie. Marriage and Death Notices in Raleigh Register and North Carolina State Gazette, Daily Sentinel, Raleigh Observer and News and Observer. Has marriages and deaths in the years 1867-93. FHL book 975.6 V2bc, vols. 1- film 896909 items 8
Open Library Then search by title.
1710-1828 Neal, Lois Smathers. Abstracts of Vital Records from Raleigh, North Carolina Newspapers. Lists marriages, obituaries, etc. FHL book 975.655/R1 V28n, 2 vols.
1710-1805 Fouts, Raymond. Abstracts from the North Carolina Journal, Halifax, North Carolina. Marriages, obituaries, etc. FHL book 975.648 B38f, 4 vols.
1740-1890 Fuller, Marian C. Obituaries and Marriage Notices from the Carolina Watchman 1832-90: An Index. FHL book 975.6 V22fm.
1770-1880 Almasy, Sandra. North Carolina Mortality Census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880.Well-indexed. FHL book 975.6 X2a, 13 vols.
Alternate Title: Database, U.S. Census Mortality Schedules Index. Title indicates all years are covered but when you read the details about the database it indicates that only some of the years are covered for this state.
Alternate Title: Database, U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules, 1850-1885. Title indicates all years are covered but when you read the details about the database it indicates that only some of the years are covered for this state. :
1800-1940 Cemetery Records of North Carolina. FHL book 975.6 V3r, vols. 1- films 873690 items 3- film 873691 items 1- fiche 6046892.
1800-1865 United States Adjutant General’s Office. Index to Compiled Service Records of Union Soldiers who Served in Organizations from the State of North Carolina. FHL films 881590-1.
Alternate Title: United States, Civil War Soldiers Index
1800-1874 Reaves, Bill. North Carolina Freedman’s Savings & Trust Company Records. Has records after the Civil War. FHL book 975.6 F2r
Alternate Title: Several titles are available online at in the Historical Records Collection that cover similar material. Go to: click on “Search” and scroll down to the bottom of page and click on United States on bottom left side of screen. Then type Freedman’s into search field to view titles.
1810-1967 North Carolina Department of Archives and History. Death Certificates, 1906-1994; Still Births, 1914-1953; Fetal Deaths, 1960-1974; Index, 1906-1967. The index to death certificates is for 1906 to 1967. Indexes are for blocks of years. FHL films beginning with 1909181
Alternate Title: North Carolina, Deaths, 1906-1930
Alternate Title: North Carolina, Deaths, 1931-1994
1913-Present Index to Births, 1913-Present. (Not at the FHL.) At North Carolina Vital Records Office.
Alternate Title: Database, North Carolina, Birth Indexes, 1800-2000