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Are you looking for genealogical research help?

Trying to figure out which family tree you fell from, but can’t quite do it on your own? Maybe you are trying to find out if your ancestors fought in the revolutionary or civil war. Perhaps you know they were immigrants but aren’t sure from where? These are some of the burning questions our clients bring to us and it is our job to find the answers.

Our Accredited Genealogist┬« Professional specializes in US Southern research with over 30 years of experience behind her and will be your guide to learning about your family’s history whether you don’t know how to research or simply don’t have time.

Whether your ancestors arrived on the Mayflower or passed through Ellis Island, Family Bytes offers a range of genealogical services sure to help find the answers you have been looking for.

Check out this recently released book, My Patriot Ancestors of the American Revolution and Their Stories, from our professional genealogist available on To see purchase options and more details click HERE.