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Services Offered

Here at Family Bytes, we understand that every family’s personal history is unique and not everyone needs the same support from their genealogist. Perhaps you are just starting out in your research adventure, or you have already exhausted all of your options and need help from a fresh set of eyes to get the job done. Whatever your needs, our Accredited Genealogist┬« Professional (AGP) will be in your corner to assist you along the way.

If you choose us to help with your genealogical research needs, these are just some of the services you will receive from our professional AGP

Analysis of the research problem– We will carefully listen to your story and, together, we will determine exactly what your needs are.

Creation of a research plan– Once we know what work needs done, the next step is determining how to achieve it. Our AGP will put together a plan, tailored to your needs, to ensure the best possible results.

Execution of the Research Plan– Now comes the good stuff! Our AGP will review the necessary records, utilizing the World Famous Family History Library (Salt Lake City, UT) as well as various online resources.

Creation of a report– This includes a research log, images of all records searched, an explanation of their significance to the research problem, and suggestions for further research if needed.

*In some cases, we may prepare and provide you with family group records, pedigree charts, and databases

For more information or to arrange a consultation with our Genealogist visit our contact page